Small teapots

Because the southern part of southern ironware / Nanbu iron
 "Quality is reliable and is reliable"

The beginning of the southern ironware

In Prince Nobunao Nanbu set up the castle in Morioka as for the name of "the southern part" of the southern ironware approximately 400 years ago, and having had this ground as a feudal lord
It begins. In Morioka for a long time all the raw materials such as iron sand, high quality iron resources and sand of a river such as rock iron, clay, lacquer, the charcoal
It was produced in a hometown, and ideal location requirements included it for casting industry, and ironware was made from that time.

Manufacturing process of the southern ironware

The production of the traditional industrial art object "southern part ironware" needs high technique and experience. Above all, the production of the iron kettle extends to 68 processes,
I need 40 years before an iron kettle comes to gain the name for at least 15 years to become full-fledged.


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