Kyoto `` KUROCHIKU`` sum pattern Eco bag

In late years consciousness for the environmental protection is strengthened. In コラゾン, "health and a global environment" aim at the high lifestyle of being conscious and it is cheap and proposes the lifestyle that thought about the "thing "thing which does not adversely affect a global environment" not to affect which is bad to the body of the person" not a conventional consumption type lifestyle to be efficient.
I think about an environmental problem, and "the eco-bag" taken in close is used every day by shopping
I reduce the number of shopping bags and am the product which took in Rojas who is kind to the global environment by I make repetition, and needing it.
The eco-bag uses a nylon material resisting water and a dirt. A milk pack and the plastic bottle enter, too,
It is the pretty eco-bag of the compact sum pattern.

■Approximately 45 g in weight
※The product of this place varies in a colored pattern
by a collecting position of the cloth. Approve it beforehand.

※In a characteristic of the material, vanity of the color is
 different in a trick of the light. In addition, I act to reproduce
 the real thing faithfully, but there is the case that some
 differences occur because of the monitor of the errand to
 the real thing and an image. Approve it.


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